We are so happy to include this local herbal medicine in our Health and Beauty department.

Currently we have three salves from Wild Sierra Herbals for topical relief.  Salve-ation. Rescue Salve. Trauma Salve.

Check out whats inside!!

These are powerful healing salves with beautifully crafted blends of herbs for maximum effectiveness.

This salve was developed with rock climbers to help soothe and repair abrasions, chapped skin, and split fingertips – and it won’t soften callouses. It has a high beeswax content so when applied it sticks, and you can continue climbing without worry! Also great for anyone who works with their hands – gardeners, construction workers, ski patrollers, etc. Put it on your hands, feet, lips, or anywhere prone to rough, dry skin. ”

Our best seller! This salve is a take on a classic herbal formula featuring arnica and St. John’s wort. It provides relief to sore muscles, sprains, strains, and bruising. This powerful combination of herbs not only helps to quell the pain, but speeds recovery time. An essential first aid kit component, its also perfect for athletes, post-surgery, or those among us who are a bit clumsy!”

This rescue salve is like an herbal antibiotic ointment! Piñon pine resin is naturally antibacterial, antiseptic, antimicrobial and antifungal. It also gives the salve an amazing scent! The resin is blended with an oil of black cottonwood and quaking aspen buds, adding anti-inflammatory and pain-killing properties. Plantain and calendula help to soothe the tissue and repair damaged skin cells.

Great for anyone who loves to play outdoors and get their hands dirty. Cuts and scrapes are bound to happen! Keep one in your medicine cabinet, in the car, by the garden, or in your kitchen. A must have for any first aid kit.”


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